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MySpace Picture Captions

Create MySpace picture captions for your favorite photos. Pick from over five hundred caption graphics that you can customize and make unique. You have the choice of seventeen different fonts and you can adjust the size and position of the text. Use the MySpace picture caption generator to add personal sayings and messages to your photos and albums. You can also design the graphics to use as comments for friends on MySpace and as graphics for Friendster, Hi5, forums, a blog, or personal web page.

The MySpace picture caption maker has graphics for any occasion. There are images for birthdays, graduation, weddings & anniversaries, military, a new baby, or a pregnancy. Have some party photos? Check out the food, drink, and alcohol captions. For cute and girly profile graphics we have cartoon characters, hearts & love, animals, nature, patterns, sci-fi and fantasy. If you want cool captions, use the plain, emo, gothic, or black & white generators.